WHY YOU? The Question You Must Answer for Employer Sponsorship

The author of The International Advantage Gets Noticed. Get Hired! Marcelo Barros has helped hundreds of business international students secure quality employment in the U.S. Despite the current tough visa reality international students have to deal with, through his work with a variety of different universities in the U.S Marcelo continues to see international students beat the odds and secure U.S employment. Drawing on the content from his book and his unique professional experiences, in the..Read more

1. why you? the question you must answer for employer sponsorship
Marcelo Barros ( PRESENTER BIO )

Success Stories

It is difficult to secure an H1-B job, but it is certainly not impossible. Learn from those who did it. Our panel of successful MS graduates with H1-B jobs will discuss what they learned during the job search process, why they were successful, and what they would do differently if they had to start the job search process all over again. This panel will also explore the main career areas international students are typically interested in, including finance, consulting, and marketing, and provide..Read more

1. international student ms success panel
Song Jiao, Ms Finance ( PRESENTER BIO )

Work Visa Options For Foreign Business School Graduates

Many students and employers are confused about work visa options available for international students graduating from U.S. universities. This session will provide a straightforward explanation from an immigration attorney of the most common work visas available, focusing on F-1 Optional Practical Training and the H1B. Topics will include the H1B quota, timing of H1B filings, costs of the process and how to approach employers about H1B sponsorship. You Will Learn: How the H1B quota works,..Read more

1. work visa options for foreign business school graduates
Dobrina Dobreva Ustun ( PRESENTER BIO )

U.S Business Communications

Have you ever wondered what it is meant to be a strong communicator? Do you ever feel uncomfortable meeting people for the first time? Do you run out of things to say while carrying on conversations? These things have happened to all of us but this crash course in American Social Savvy will give you the tools to feel comfortable every time you meet someone. American employers are always looking for candidates with strong communication skills. You can be a strong communicator and have an accent...Read more

1. part 1: face-to-face
Matthew Vendryes ( PRESENTER BIO )

Successful Interview Strategies

Preparing for an interview is overwhelming for international students. You probably have one or more of these common fears: How can I fully express myself in English? Where do I start? How do I introduce myself? It’s impossible to remember everything on my resume. What if I forget a point? How detailed should my answer be? I don’t have any U.S. work experience. What are my employment strengths relative to others? What if I am asked a question, not on my resume? What kind of..Read more

1. successful interview strategies

What do U.S. Employers Look For When Recruiting Business School Grads?

Many international students come from environments where the hiring criteria are objective. If you have good grades, placed in the top 10% of your class, and pass a test an employer gives you when they come to your university, you are likely to receive a job offer. Business school recruitment seems to be VERY different in the U.S. Good grades are not enough and even not that important to some. Instead, many U.S. employers talk about fit, emotional intelligence, soft skills, social skills,..Read more

1. what do u.s. employers want ??
Paul Allaire ( PRESENTER BIO )
Rebecca Shark ( PRESENTER BIO )